Saturday, July 25, 2015

What to Take Away from This Bold Peter Schiff Gold Prediction

Recent Peter Schiff gold forecasts predict the metal's rapid rise to a five-figure price tag -$13,000 long term, according to his gold investing blog. Schiff says the gold-price driver will be a hyperinflationary episode brought on by easy money.

Peter Schiff gold price predictions like this are typically predicated on gloom-and-doom forecasts of a dollar collapse and a financial meltdown.

This take on gold investing tends to attract skeptics. The gold skeptics are so dead-set on discrediting this caricature of gold investing – brought on by the Peter Schiff gold investing thesis – that they write gold off altogether as an asset for the paranoid investor.

This polarizes the investing world between gold bugs who think an economic collapse is imminent and gold bears who think the gold bugs are scare-mongering demagogues.

The truth about why gold matters lies somewhere in between.

You don't have to agree 100% with Peter Schiff gold predictions to appreciate the yellow metal's value. Regardless of which "side" you're on, gold is an important part of a portfolio.

- Source, Money Morning